Oregon Coast Camping

Oregon Coast Camping Memberships

Oregon Coast Camping Memberships

The Seaside Preserve at Seaside Oregon is the #1 Oregon coast camping location, as chosen by Northwest Travel Tips for it spacious and well kept grounds and many amenities, such as an indoor pool, indoor spa, sand volleyball court, laundromat, and playgrounds. But if you are looking for a nice quiet Oregon coast camping location, this is not it! This is the ideal Oregon coast camping membership location, full of activity and just minutes away from the many other Seaside attractions.

Private campgrounds such as Thousand Trails offer numerous full-hookups for Oregon Coast RV camping. (Memberships are required.)


Oregon Coast RV Camping

If you aren’t quite into roughing it in a tent, consider searching out the many Oregon coast RV camping sites. RV camping continues to be a popular way to explore the Oregon coast. Many Oregon coast RV camping sites are flourishing.

RV camping allows you to maintain many of the comforts of home (stove, satellite TV, shower, comfortable indoor seating for meals on breezy days). Oregon coast RV camping can be rewarding year round, with many sites offering off-season rates to entice you to come back during the fall and winter months. RV rentals are even becoming more readily available so you don’t even need to purchase your own; simply rent and ride off to the perfect Oregon Coast camping experience.


Oregon Coast Family Camping

For the family who really enjoys the outdoors, Oregon coast tent camping is an experience not to be missed. During the summer months especially, you can wake up to the sun kissing your feet (assuming your family has also outgrown their tent). During the hot summer days inland, the cooling breezes from the ocean help keep the weather perfect for enjoying Oregon coast camping.

Walking the beaches, finding shells, rocks and dodging the brave seagulls looking for a handout can keep you busy during your Oregon coast family camping trip. Having bonfires late into the evening and watching the sun set gloriously over the ocean all enhance your experience.


Oregon Coast Tent Camping

You may often witness Oregon coast tent camping directly on the beaches. But be careful; as much as it may sound fun to camp on the beach, it’s illegal to camp on the beaches in Oregon. And of course, nobody wants to be dampened or even washed away by incoming tides or sneaker waves! That’s why having Oregon coast camping maps is such a good idea.

The Oregon State Parks also provides an Oregon coast camping map specifically dedicated to the State Park system. The Oregon State Parks provide a safe, inexpensive and enjoyable opportunity for families, couples or individuals to enjoy Oregon coast camping.


Oregon Coast Family Camping

Oregon coast family camping experiences form memories that will be cherished for years to come. Whether it is tent camping or RV camping, at the state park or at private campgrounds, children of all ages enjoy time spent on the Oregon Coast near Seaside, Oregon.

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10 Responses to Oregon Coast Camping

  1. Harvey Morris says:

    i enjoy camping specially in dense wooded tropical forests. camping is a fun way to spend time with your friends too.

  2. Heather says:

    I cannot find the recommended Seaside Preserve at Seaside Oregon online. Does it exist? Is there phone number/website for it?

  3. lets go camping together says:

    Great article
    Beauful sunsets.

  4. thor says:

    hey read your post Oregon Coast Camping | Seaside Oregon but couldn’t find your contact form

  5. marv norden says:

    i find it hard to find tent camping on the seaside preserve – what is the best location for information
    rates etc.

  6. steve says:

    It’s actually not illegal to camp outside of established campgrounds (technically called “dispersed camping”) on *some* beaches in Oregon. There are rules, however. Oregonstateparks.org has information on these regulations. If I recall correctly, the main rules are that you cannot be within certain cities’ city limits, and you may not camp on a beach that is adjacent to state park land. I think there are further regulations, though, so please look it up before camping. There is a trail called the Oregon Coast Trail which runs along the entire Oregon coast, and if you plan on backpacking this trail, it would actually be necessary to beach camp outside of campgrounds at some points. Information on this trail is also available at the Oregon state parks website.

  7. Hello,

    The lanai webcam has a new ip address. It is if you would like to update your link. Thanks

  8. Kathy Barnett says:

    We are moving to Oregon in April 2013.We are retired and full time RV’ers and are looking for a campground near Seaside that you are able to stay for more than 14 days we do not want to continue moving every two weeks. Our son and daughter in-law live in seaside and we are thinking of making this small community our home base. If you can give us any help in finding a campground to fit us needs this would be great.

  9. Daniel says:

    Do you gave camp site availbable this weekend?

  10. julie says:

    I find it hard to find camping sites in seaside or very close. only state parks. were can I find others

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