Seaside Oregon

Live Webcam Seaside Oregon

Coming to the coast for the week?  Use our Live Webcam Seaside Oregon page to check out the weather on the coast.  Control the live webcam Seaside Aquarium, or the Lanai Cam (courtesy of the Seaside Chamber of Commerce) to see if you need your raincoat or your spf 75 sunblock!

View the Lanai Cam, Courtesy of the Seaside Chamber of Commerce, where you can pan and zoom to get a real feel for what’s going on at the beach and out in the surf!  This streaming cam is truly spectacular

Located near the beach in Seaside, Oregon, the live webcam Seaside Aquarium is situated with a view of the beach and the ocean that can give you a quick view of any weather rolling into the area. It can be viewed at

There are a number of other live webcams near Seaside Oregon.  The Maritime Museum and the Astoria cam mounted on the Astoria Column can give you live images from Astoria, Oregon which is only a short drive from the beach at Seaside Oregon.  Check out all the live webcams near seaside oregon on your next trip to the coast.

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